Unethical Discourse

One of the subjects I’m most interested in studying is the concept of “unethical discourse.” I think very few people would disagree that we have an issue in our country with civil discourse. (A quick look at YouTube comments will demonstrate that.) But what would we consider unethical? Is it necessary to be civil to be ethical in our discourse?

Lying seems like an obvious choice for unethical discourse – but what if that lie would, say, spare someone’s feelings? Or even save someone’s life? That then brings up the question of intent. If the intent is good, but the content (or delivery, even) is bad, is that the barometer for what is ethical or unethical? If someone means well, but is incredibly offensive in how he words something, is that ethical? If someone is deceptive about her motives for doing something, is that automatically unethical?

I would love to get a dialogue going about this. I have some opinions, for sure…but I would love to hear from you. Thoughts?

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