Tana is a talented Case Study writer. She was easy to work with from the initial information-gathering stages through editing. Tana took the time to understand our work and the story we hoped to capture. The end product is a clear, well-written case study. I would gladly work with Tana again.
Lindsey Peterson
Besides being an excellent writer, Tana is a great collaborator. She is equally comfortable leading a project or taking direction from our team. She works efficiently, asks the right questions, and her storytelling positions us in an optimal light. She engages – deeply and honestly – and her impactful writing exceeds what we could ever imagine without her.
Zak Vassar
Don is a focused manager who applies himself well to his tasks and position. He handles people well. He is dedicated to learning and understanding the products and services he works with and works to improve productivity through that knowledge. You will be glad Don is on your team.
Bryson Leidich
I'd only recommend Tana to anyone that we are not directly competing with. For those in the inbound marketing space, I consider Tana our secret laser beam fired from our secret volcano lair.
Mike McDermott
Tana helped with the messaging for the nonprofit I work for. The work we do is a little bit more complex and she was able to help us navigate through many stumbling blocks and really help break down our messaging into a much simpler package. She was also very thorough and always stuck to timelines. Would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with messaging!
Anbar Mahar Sheikh

Tana wrote a series of Success Stories for Click & Pledge, a software company providing online fundraising solutions for non-profit organizations of all sizes. Her clearly experienced writing abilities combined with a non-profit background allowed her to establish a great connection with Click & Pledge customers and produce truly compelling stories. The stories will be used in corporate blog posts, on the website, as well as in marketing brochures. Tana did a wonderful job crafting the true stories of Click & Pledge satisfied customers.

Cecelia Crow
Don is amazing! He has mastered the ability to work with people from various socio-economic and diverse backgrounds in a welcoming and empowering manner---from concept to final goal, his "we can" philosophy is contagious and inviting! He can find solutions in many settings; a preacher, a teacher, a trainer, a friend to a homeless man/woman--it makes no difference; Don will listen, engage, and, when necessary, respond. A consummate thinker and his wisdom and leadership skills will be a benefit for the people and organizations he touches for years to come!
Jeanette Hrovatich
Tana was the Executive Director for FFT when I began volunteering with the organization. She and I worked very closely for over a year while I maintained the nonprofit’s marketing and communications. She has always been an exceptional writer. Through her efforts we were able to obtain various grants and corporate donations. She created many founding documents for the organization and played a key role in leading FFT from an all-volunteer group to a fully functioning nonprofit. She is truly talented with a gift for compelling and thought-provoking pieces. I highly recommend Tana to provide high quality, interesting, and well-written documents. She has an amazing sense of humor too. Always a plus!
Amanda Aldrich
Tana's skills as a critical reader, thinker, and writer are highly developed. She is insightful, knowledgable, and thorough whether she's doing research, analysis, editing, or writing. Tana brings her excellent work ethic to everything she does, and her passion shows in the attention she gives to her projects. She is a successful grant writer, project leader, teacher, and program director. Tana also combines her wealth of creativity and vision with a real-world practicality that has a way of overcoming obstacles. I have long admired her ability to deliver a concise overview that helps others understand complex thoughts.
Amanda Zuehlke
President/Owner, Indigenous Creative Services