Technical Writing for Professionals

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Whether it’s attempting to make the best impression with a proposal, ensuring the accuracy of functional specs, or polishing those user manuals so clients can understand them, engineers are tasked with quite a bit of writing on a daily basis.

And sometimes, that writing could use a little…polishing.

We have the solution for you! Technical Writing for Professionals covers the three primary processes of creating documents: pre-writing, writing, and revising. During this course or seminar, participants will learn how to properly plan and organize a document, write clearly and concisely, and revise and edit documents effectively. Meetings involve in-class writing, which gives participants practice and immediate feedback.

Developed and taught by two writing professionals with experience teaching engineers, Technical Writing for Professionals reflects the two core Schiewer Consulting philosophies: (1) strong planning and analysis prepares professionals to be efficient and effective in their work, and (2) everyone can improve their writing. By the end of this course, participants will be better equipped to write technical documents that are detailed yet concise, tailored for the appropriate audience, and effective in their purpose.

We can adapt our timing and content to meet your company’s needs, spacing content over weeks or delivering it all in one day. To learn more about Technical Writing for Professionals, please click on the link above for a PDF summary of course objectives, instructor bios, and topic overviews. To schedule your on-site course, please email us or call us at 419.346.4231.