Nonprofit Training

We offer a number of workshops and on-site trainings geared toward communication skills for nonprofit organizations. From time to time, we also offer free drop-in sessions for nonprofit assessment (are you ready to start a nonprofit?) and grant writing help. Please check out our events and presentations page for upcoming workshops. 

To schedule one of these trainings for your organization, please contact us.

Successful Grant Writing (Workshop)
We provide “Successful Grant Writing” workshops for large groups and individual organizations.

This workshop covers:

  • Basic components you need for grant proposals
  • Understanding RFPs
  • Where to find grants
  • What funders look for
  • Tips for success

Compelling Messages for Nonprofits (Workshop)
This workshop covers creating a basic messaging platform for nonprofits and has been very well-received by many nonprofit leaders.

During this workshop, we discuss:

  • Why a 30-second commercial might not be the way to go
  • What to develop instead
  • Getting your staff and volunteers on the same page
  • Touting your accomplishments
  • Understanding your audience

In addition to years of experience in nonprofit management, Tana is also a scholar of rhetoric and writing, currently completing her doctorate at Virginia Tech. Her dissertation is on mission statements in nonprofit organizations, and she has spent a lot of time working with nonprofits to revise their mission statements and improve their messaging strategies. Her studies in rhetoric and writing have taught her how to understand communication from a number of angles, including determining the right message for your audience, understanding the action you want your words to inspire, and choosing the correct platform for those words to be heard.


We can also customize trainings to include the issues you wish to work on— including but not limited to improving your writing skills. If you are interested in any of these workshops, please contact us for a quote. You can also check out our corporate training page for more options.