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We offer a variety of services for nonprofit organizations, including marketing, design, operations, design, grant writing, communications strategies, and fundraising.* Tana created some of these services while working on her dissertation, which focuses on mission statements in nonprofit organizations. Through her research, Tana developed strategies for helping nonprofits revisit their mission statements, communicate their messages effectively, and create messaging platforms that provide ongoing guidance for marketing and fundraising, and Don put his strategic mind to work enhancing and streamlining these services. The result? Multiple services that help you tell your story to the right audience at the right time.

Messaging Platforms
Many nonprofits have difficulty expressing their mission in an effective and purposeful way. Through her experience managing nonprofits, studying them in graduate school, and running workshops called “Compelling Messages,” Tana has developed a system for helping nonprofits focus on a target audience, eliminate jargon, and purposefully choose words that reflect their values. Through this process, we develop everything from a new mission statement to new web copy that connects with potential donors, volunteers, and community members in a more meaningful and effective way.
For a testimonial from a nonprofit we helped with a messaging platform, click here.

Grant Readiness System
If you’ve ever written a grant proposal as a nonprofit leader, this scenario is likely familiar to you: you scramble around looking for relevant program information, write new documents you had been putting off, and rifle through old grant proposals hoping for good language to copy. With our Grant Readiness System, we aim to eliminate that scramble. We work with you to assess your grant readiness, write program descriptions (with varying character limits), compile relevant statistics, and create a central location for all grant-related documents. Ultimately, we leave you with all the components you need to successfully respond to almost any RFP.

Note: We can combine the messaging platform and grant readiness system into one strategic communication service. Email us or call us (419-346-4231) to ask how!

Fundraising Campaigns
Establishing a strong base of individual donors is one of the best ways to ensure continued funding for your organization, and running a fundraising campaign is an effective way to raise funds from old and new donors alike. When we work with you on a fundraising campaign, we help you strategize your message for online platforms, email, and direct mail, and we write compelling copy for each communication method. And we do it well: we recently helped a client nearly double their results from the previous year’s campaign.

Grant Proposals
A grant proposal is, in essence, the story of your nonprofit! And we can guarantee you that Tana is the perfect person to tell your story. Tana has 17 years of experience writing grant proposals for a variety of nonprofits including arts organizations, social services organizations, churches, and higher education resulting in successful awards from several small foundations, local governments, the Ohio Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). With or without the Grant Readiness System, Tana can write a compelling grant application for your next project.
For samples of previous grant proposals, please email me.

We also offer on-site trainings.

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*Please note: our fundraising services are limited to strategizing, creating campaigns, writing, and providing advice. We do not meet with potential donors nor do we directly solicit funds.