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We offer a variety of services for businesses, including courses, workshops, and writing coaching services as well as writing services such as web copy, press releases, and the services listed on this page. Though we can write for almost any situation, we specialize in: 

Case Studies (also known as customer success stories)
Before they buy, potential clients want to hear the experience of actual customers they can relate to. A case study will tell the story of your product or service through the eyes of one (or more!) of your happy customers. By leveraging the positive experiences and measurable results from your customers, you showcase your product/service’s best qualities in a way that is very relatable for the client.
You can read some sample case studies here and here.

Promotional Email Copy
Promotional emails are important components of any successful marketing plan—but only if they’re effective. Do you have the emails of potential customers? Do you want to make the best of them? The best way to get them to click through to your landing page, special offer, or white paper is to capture their attention with compelling email subject lines and smart, snappy copy that makes them want to learn more.
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White Papers (also known as special reports)
A white paper offers more detailed, researched information for products and services that are significant buying decisions; it’s the story of a particular problem in your industry and how your product/service can help solve it. DemandGen’s 2015 Content Preferences Survey reveals that white papers remain one of the most popular methods for a buyer to access content that will help them in making a decision. Also, the closer to a decision deadline they get, the more potential clients desire detailed and industry-specific information. Case studies and white papers provide exactly that type of information.

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