Coaching and Consulting Services

Consulting Services
In addition to the writing services and training options listed elsewhere on our website, we also offer consultations for restaurants, retail businesses, and nonprofits wishing to improve their operations. 

We look over your systems and processes and help you:

  • decrease shrink
  • manage inventory more effectively
  • enhance schedule efficiency
  • improve training processes
  • increase employee retention

We look over your programs and office operations and help you:

  • more effectively train and use volunteers and staff
  • trim program costs and inefficiencies
  • strategize fundraising options

Interested in learning more about our consulting services? Contact us for more information.

Writing and Coaching Services
We offer on-site or online writing and coaching services for businesses and nonprofits who desire ongoing editing, coaching, or writing expertise. Established on a retainer basis, this service can be customized to your business needs. The best part? When you sign up for ongoing services, you get a guaranteed spot in our calendar.

With this service, Tana will be available for a set number of hours per month to provide editing services and other feedback to help you get that final “polish” on all of your documents. 

If your long-term goal is improving your employees’ writing skills, coaching services are your best choice. Through this service, Tana provides one-on-one coaching services to your employees, helping them through the process of creating the various documents you need for your daily operations. The short-term benefit is improved documentation and communication, while the long-term benefit is an increase in your employees’ writing skills.

Any of our writing services are available on a retainer basis. The benefit to you? Not only do we keep your communications looking sharp, but we also carve out a set number of hours each month during which we’re guaranteed to work for YOUR company.

For local businesses, these services can be set up on-site for set days and times each month. Non-local businesses (or local businesses who do not desire on-site services) can engage our services during set days and times each month through online conferencing software. Please contact us to learn more about these options.