About Us

Tana M. Schiewer
I am a Toledo-based freelance writer and consultant with a unique blend of nonprofit and business experience. During my 10 years of nonprofit management and 17 years of grant-writing experience, I helped to raise over $9 million in funds for nonprofit organizations, including through successful grant applications to several small foundations, local governments, the Ohio Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). During my time as Executive Director of Food for Thought Toledo, I led the organization to win the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organization’s Nonprofit Excellence Award.  

I also have extensive experience working with, writing for, and consulting businesses. In addition to owning and running my own business, I have been employed by or consulted with companies from a variety of industries including construction, engineering, retail, insurance, tech, and travel. In addition, I taught composition and technical writing at the University of Toledo and Virginia Tech and have run multiple workshops and trainings for writers at a professional level.

Thanks to my wide variety of experiences and excellent writing skills, I am extremely adaptable and can write for almost any situation. This skill led one of my clients to call me his “secret laser beam” fired from his “secret volcano lair”—the person he deploys when he really wants results.

Don M. Schiewer Jr.
After spending five years in restaurant and retail management, I purchased my own restaurant at the age of 23—and sold it for a profit two years later. My expertise is in company operations, inventory management, efficiency improvement, and customer engagement. In addition, I have consulted a number of entrepreneurs on their restaurant start-ups, offering analysis of their chances of success and suggestions for improving those odds.

My experience with nonprofit organizations falls along similar lines. I was the founder of Food for Thought Toledo, a nonprofit focused on feeding the homeless and providing food for families through several pantries. There, I created the first mobile food pantry in Northwest Ohio and won the Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce Prism Award. I was also one of the founding members of the CARE Team, a program in collaboration with United Way of Toledo that brought food, medical, and other social services to neighborhoods where they were most needed.

These experiences demonstrate my ability to find creative solutions to problems and apply those solutions in an efficient and effective manner. I continue to apply these skills to the clients I work with through Schiewer Consulting.